jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008


Hay caballero!!

Pero dime ,por que vamos hacer caso a los medios días
teniendo días enteros!!!!

Pintura de Oswald de Andrade, poeta, dramaturgo y ensayista Brasileño.

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  1. ese dicho es muy cierto... la pintura preciosa eehh

    un abrazo querida

  2. Tienes razón, amiguita. Una pregunta muy adecuada ;-) Besos,

  3. Artista!!
    Espero que te lo estés pasando bien!
    Y,... que disfrutes.
    Acabo de ver las fotos de tu cumple!
    A la vuelta nos vemos sin falta.
    Y ya sabes aquí hay camas de sobra!
    Un beso preciosa!

  4. Esto lo decía mi abuela. Que era un día entero.
    Un beso.

  5. Mi querida señora, en los países sin relojes, donde la hora es marcada por el saludo, el medio día te lo recuerdan entre paseos sin margen de error, y los días enteros pasan relegados entre el silencio de los que se conocen.
    Pero el medio día lo que más me recuerda es una canción de Noel Coward:
    In tropical climes there are certain times of day
    When all the citizens retire,
    to tear their clothes off and perspire.
    It's one of those rules that the biggest fools obey,
    Because the sun is much too sultry and one must avoid
    its ultry-violet ray --
    Papalaka-papalaka-papalaka-boo. (Repeat)
    Digariga-digariga-digariga-doo. (Repeat)
    The natives grieve when the white men leave their huts,
    Because they're obviously, absolutely nuts --

    Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.
    The Japanese don't care to, the Chinese wouldn't dare to,
    Hindus and Argentines sleep firmly from twelve to one,
    But Englishmen detest a siesta,
    In the Philippines there are lovely screens,
    to protect you from the glare,
    In the Malay states there are hats like plates,
    which the Britishers won't wear,
    At twelve noon the natives swoon, and
    no further work is done -
    But Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

    It's such a surprise for the Eastern eyes to see,
    That though the British are effete,
    they're quite impervious to heat,
    When the white man rides, every native hides in glee,
    Because the simple creatures hope he will
    impale his solar topee on a tree.
    Bolyboly-bolyboly-bolyboly-baa. (Repeat)
    Habaninny-habaninny-habaninny-haa. (Repeat)
    It seems such a shame that when the English claim the earth
    That they give rise to such hilarity and mirth -

    Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.
    The toughest Burmese bandit can never understand it.
    In Rangoon the heat of noon is just what the natives shun.
    They put their scotch or rye down, and lie down.
    In the jungle town where the sun beats down,
    to the rage of man or beast,
    The English garb of the English sahib merely gets a bit more creased.
    In Bangkok, at twelve o'clock, they foam at the mouth and run,
    But mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

    Mad Dogs and Englishmen, go out in the midday sun.
    The smallest Malay rabbit deplores this stupid habit.
    In Hong Kong, they strike a gong, and fire off a noonday gun.
    To reprimand each inmate, who's in late.
    In the mangrove swamps where the python romps
    there is peace from twelve till two.
    Even caribous lie down and snooze, for there's nothing else to do.
    In Bengal, to move at all, is seldom if ever done,
    But mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

  6. hmm
    yo prefiero disfrutar toodo el día


    consumirme con el


    y en él


    un besito

  7. Esa obra estállena de fuerza y energía...¡me encantó! así como esa acertada frase de tu entrada...

    BSS guapa!

  8. me gusta eso de sin prisas y con tiempo, asi q desde ahora me tomo el dia... abrazos